35 AH


Discover Energy Corp. offers a premier line of maintenance-free Automotive ECO MIXTECH batteries designed to provide better and more sustained performance in automotive and commercial start-stop driving applications.

ECO batteries are designed and manufactured with the award winning and patented German MIXTECH technology inside to provide longer battery life while meeting the growing demands of today's vehicles.

MIXTECH technology mixes the electrolyte inside the battery to ensure uniform acid density for greater charge acceptance and higher sustained performance throughout the entire life of the battery, and prolongs plate life and delivers exceptional clean and green power.


30 AH


High availability of the trak® air, trak® eco and trak® fnc battery systems is enhanced to maximum effect through use of trak® power premium charge.

The high-frequency technology used here permits a compact design with optional wall mounting to save space. In combination with HOPPECKE BIM (Battery Identification Module), multi-capacity and multi-voltage capability is obtained. This means that different batteries with varying voltage and capacity may be charged by a single charging unit.